sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

That Something

She was a Queen in my Old Dream
Walkin' trough the Naked Island
Searchin' for a Lost Angel
She got to answer my little down scream

I got a key to the Door
Running over again
It's the same fuckin' situation
Nobody's can help the poor boy

The Devil's sitting on my gold chair
Watchin' my TV and Smokin'
I'm very stranger and Sad
I hope you save me from that Hell

So you're coming with that something
That something i don't know what it is
But i know there is
Lord, have mercy on me

Bring me my Wine
With that something on my glass
Bring me your heart
With that something in your Mind

(Edu Neves)

PS.: Poema dedicado à Lu. Valeu pela deixa, garota má.

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