sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

From me to George

Hey, man.
Are you fine? Well, i hope you're happy there.
I'd really like to give you god news about us. But i can't lie.
Since you've been gone, the things don't changed too much.
People are still running so fast. Nobody can stop just for a second to see, to hear, to feel, to talk...
You know, people they talk, but most of the times, say's nothing at all.
You was right, when you says about the material world.
Today i can see that love is that peace on heart. But maybe, i never get knowed.
I like to think about you in a wonderful garden, playin' guitar and waiting for the sun.
Here comes... Remember?
Man, i wish you love. That underneath love you always got.
I hope the sweet Lord have been by your side.
At last, thank you so much for make me understand what something is.

(Edu Neves)

PS.: The World's pain ain't over. But all things must pass.

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